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Auriculotherapy method Dr. Paul Nogier

Auriculotherapy is a Diagnosis and Treatment methodology created and developed by Dr. Paul Nogier (1908-1996).

Dr. Paul Nogier's originality consisted in proposing treatment methods based on physical stimuli at a time when chemistry reigned in medicine.

The discovery of Auriculotherapy occurred when Dr. Paul Nogier received a patient who had cured his sciatic pain through cauterization of the ear, performed by a healer in Marseille, Mrs. Barrin.

It took more than 30 years for him to understand the reflex mechanisms supported by the pinna of the ear.

Today we know that each point on the ear corresponds to a specific part of the body, based on Somatotopia.

How it works? By adequately understanding the physiology of the Central Nervous System and knowing how to perform two detection methods: the detection of painful points and the detection of points of lower skin electrical resistance, it is possible to first carry out a precise analysis of the ear for diagnosis and, subsequently, appropriately choose the correct stimuli for treatment.

These stimuli can be applied through needles, cauterization, massage or electromagnetic waves.

There are many indications for auriculotherapy, but mainly we can mention:

  • Addiction assistance.

  • Relief of pain and functional disorders.

  • Treatment of functional diseases.

  • Treatment of certain mild neuropsychiatric illnesses

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