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Women's Health

Welcome to the Ana Majewski Clinic, where women's health and well-being are one of our main activities.

We seek to provide personalized and holistic care, covering everything from aesthetics to specific areas such as gynecology, the menstrual cycle, pregnancy, and a full range of services.


Our main focus is to offer a safe and welcoming space, where each woman can find solutions adapted to her unique needs. 


Explore our range of services designed to enhance women's health and beauty.


From aesthetic treatments and gynecology consultations in Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) to specific care for each stage of a woman's life

Specific Sections:

Aesthetics: Discover our aesthetic treatments that enhance natural beauty, promoting external and internal well-being.

TCM Gynecology: Take care of your gynecological health with our specialized consultations, ensuring complete and compassionate care.

Menstrual Cycle: Better understand your menstrual cycle and learn to manage discomforts or irregularities holistically.


Pregnancy and infertility: Special guidelines and care for the design phase.

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Cruz da Bota nº6, 8500-322 Alvor, Portugal

+351 934 733 369

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